Company Culture

Honesty and trustworthiness based on the fundamental - - ruigang heavy industry values
"Integrity to win the future" is ruigang heavy industry throughout the company's business values, is the main content of ruigang heavy industry culture. Integrity is the foundation of the enterprise, the road to development. For an enterprise, the commandment is to establish a good corporate image, establish the fundamental way of enterprise brand. It reflects the social recognition of the value of an enterprise in the past, thus affecting the position and role of the enterprise in future activities. "The good faith management", therefore, is the social mission of Hong Kong company, in market competition based on good faith, the development of the enterprise with the development of the society and the interests of consumers to unify, from the perspective of consumer, meet the needs of consumers in the future, embody the people-oriented principle, achieve the good faith management, so as to realize their own value and social value.
Pragmatic, enterprising and efficient development -- the working style of ruigang heavy industry
"Pragmatic and enterprising" is the working style of ruigang heavy industry, and it is also the red line that all the work must go through. To be practical is to seek truth from facts. Solid, is full, stable, down-to-earth, but also practical, practical, honest, practical. Therefore, the company fully implement the work style of reality, requires employees to be pragmatic, less empty talk, do not do surface documents, do not do fancy, do not do form wang yi. In order to prosper the state, we need to be pragmatic, honest, pragmatic and pragmatic, and strive to develop a down-to-earth, hard-working work style. Pragmatic is not only to do the things at hand, but also includes the spirit of steady development and pioneering spirit, therefore, only pragmatic, the enterprise can develop steadily.
Focus on details and pursue perfection -- ruigang heavy industry's quality policy
"Focus on details, pursuit of perfection" is the working attitude of ruigang heavy industry, as well as the quality policy of the enterprise. It is the guideline for all employees to improve the work quality and product quality. "Attention to detail" has four levels of meaning: one is management detail, two is product detail, three is operation detail, four is service detail.
God helps those who help themselves -- the cultural policy of ruigang heavy industry
"Spell" port is the core concept of heavy industry, port is heavy and the king of the melody, "spell" means you reap what you sow, you reap what you sow, only industrious efforts will have harvest, god reward those who work hard, not opportunistic deceive, but a focus for people, not to boast of, but the permeability of the best. It's not a semiserized sum. "God rewards those who work hard" for everyone is fair and equal, even unknown efforts may not be rewarded, but no pay certainly no return. Let the dedicated and diligent ruigang heavy industry all staff not afraid of hardships, unremitting struggle, continuous struggle, create a more brilliant tomorrow.
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