• Steel structure workshop
  • Steel structure workshop
  • Steel structure workshop
  • Steel structure workshop
Steel structure workshopSteel structure workshopSteel structure workshopSteel structure workshop

Steel structure workshop

Frame structure: the main frame is connected by H section steel, C/Z section steel; According to different regions, different temperatures and different requirements, maintenance structure can use single color steel sheet,

double color sheet + fiberglass, EPS sandwich panel, rock wool sandwich panel, PU sandwich panel.

Ventilation & lighting system:windows, skylight belt, turbine ventilator, ridge ventilator etc.

Application areas: industrial production fields.

Lifetime: the main frame  is 50 - 70 years; maintenance structure is 10-20 years.

Advantages: fast construction , easy installation, environmental protection without pollution, it meets the  requirements of world economic development.

Price: according to different circumstances and requirements, the price is about: 30-70USD / M2

Foundation installation process:


If you are interested in our products,plz give us the following information:

(1)  Dimension:Length,width,height. Eave height. Roof pitch,etc.

(2)  Doors and windows: Dimension,quantity,position.

(3)  Local climate: Wind speed. Snow load. Seismic magnitude etc.

(4)  Insulation material:Panel type, sandwich materials, sandwich thickness.

(5)  Crane beam:Do you need crane beam inside the steel structure?And its load.

(6)  Is there any materials that  are not allowed to import to the country where the structure is planning to use?

(7)  If you have other requirements. Such as fire proofing. Insulated roof,etc. please also inform us.

(8)  It’s better if you have your own drawings or pictures.Please send them to us.

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